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About Us

Maritime Studies is an interdisciplinary undergraduate major that embraces the liberal arts as the foundation for exploring humankind's critical and continually evolving connections with the world's waterways and watersheds.

The Maritime Studies Program combines rigorous liberal arts training in recognized humanities and social science disciplines such as History, English, Geography, Economics, Political Science and Anthropology with specialized courses, interdisciplinary seminars, and research and internship opportunities that focus on issues, traditions, and problems that influence life in maritime regions.

A complement to the Marine Sciences Department at Avery Point, Maritime Studies highlights the social and cultural side of the human/water relationship, but recognizes and explores the links between human activities and the composition and the condition of the coastal and marine environments.

Upcoming Events

  1. Jul 8 Accelerate UConn Application Deadline - Summer 202212:00am
  2. Jul 13 CCEI Timely Topics - How To “Rune” Your Life & Business: A Magical Approach To Entrepreneurship3:00pm
  3. Jul 14 Open Air 22 Sculpture Reception5:30pm